Scattered Debris

Life, events and circumstances create fallout. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad and some of it’s inconsequential but it’s all a part of how we are. The problem is that buy CBD products can never really know what’s going to happen, what the cause will be to our effect. One hit, one fall, one rise can scatter everywhere, touching people we don’t even know or spraying distant horizons with dust. We try to predict, make assumptions and projections but the reality is that there are forces and other effects that we cannot predict. Thus, as the saying goes, ‘shit happens’.

Plus ca change / Plus c’est la meme chose / The more that things change / The more they stay the same. – Rush “Circumstances”

So what is Scattered Debris?

It is that fallout. Good, bad or indifferent. It is what happens when we live life and the causes of our effects. For me, it’s poetry that comes from the dusty, dimly lit corners that we only discover when everything is quietly dark. It’s the people left behind after our wave of destruction has swept through their lives. But it is not all bad, debris can fall together, connect in ways it wouldn’t have otherwise and, as always, it can change.

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