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Miller’s Ledge (part 2)

Phineas did not sleep when he finally returned to Pastor Bellow’s instead he quickly gathered all the monies he had earned and saved and ventured out to the home of Judge Plinth. The judge owned the aforementioned house on the lane leading out of town but he had since moved on to a much larger piece of property and less humble home. He sold the house to Phineas that very morning.
Clutching the deed, he marched out to the Greens house and boldly called upon Miss Emily without pretense. Upon sight of him, before she had even stepped out onto the porch, her heart suddenly skipped for a moment. Her father stepped out first, perhaps to dissuade him but Phineas insisted. With reluctance, for he believed that Emily did not love Phineas, Mr. Green gave his blessing if she were to say yes.
Emily ...
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Miller’s Ledge (part 1)

A House in Miller’s Ledge 

If one were to travel three days by buggy from Green Hills, you would arrive at the quiet little village of Miller’s Ledge. Upon approach you would notice the graceful steeple of the town church standing tall and white, a beacon like a landlocked lighthouse. You would also pass by the shops along its main road and the whitewashed, picket fences of its neat houses. Perhaps you would pause on the green to refresh your horse from the cool well and enjoy a freshly baked mince tart from Martha’s Bakery in the shade of a sheltering elm tree. Resting on the soft grasses you would think that, if one were searching for a place to call Eden then surely Miller’s Ledge would be a likely suitor.
Alas, dear friend, surfaces can be deceiving and one does not have to scra...
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