A Lil Bit About Me…

Having been born sometime ago, I embarked on a course to live an uneventful life and failed miserably.

I spent much time in Louisiana, living and learning and trying to decide what I wanted to do. Since then, I’ve moved, married, became a father and messed up big time. Still, uneventful would not cover how things have turned out. At one point I was certain that I was destined to create the “Great American Novel” but that destiny faded and reality took over. I took jobs, paid bills and let time slip past.

Sometimes, though, it’s our most desperate and despairing times that clears our eyes and reawakens our minds. I had sunk into the muck and mire and discovered you can clean yourself off. After wiping behind my ears, I found that I still wanted to write the “Great American Novel”. Now, though, I don’t think it’s destiny, just me doing what I want to do.

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