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Just Another Song….

This is another set of lyrics that i wrote during my time up in New York.  Again, rather melancholy but still a couple of nice “turn of  phrases” hidden in a lot of clunky writing.


Redemption’s out of Reach

My woman I’ve made mistakes
Created fears and heartaches
Made promises I didn’t keep
Came to faith I couldn’t keep leap
But when you asked me for my soul
Deep inside I turned cold
And I shielded my brimming eyes
Behind dark shadows and white lies
And now

I feel like there’s something missing
But I just don’t listen
My mistakes try to teach
But redemption’s just out of reach

My life it has gone wrong
Under a dark cloud for so long
And everywhere I turn
I see bridges I have burned
I should have tried to believe
Made out love my only creed
And cherished every...

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Scattered Debris

It has been almost a year since the tragic event of 9/11 and Paul Barrow is still trapped in the cloud of memories. His carefully maintained, isolated world is invaded in one weekend by an old friend, a new love and a stranger with secrets entwined with his own.

Themes of isolation and forgiveness run through this story and were very much on my mind at the time I started to write. The description of Lulu and The Sherpa coffeehouse was the first thing I wrote, an idle description of a place that had no story around it. Everything seemed to evolve as I wrote, incorporating 9/11, the idea of believing you screwed up and forgiving yourself.

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Just A Song…….

At one point in my life, I found myself living in a small “apartment” in New York while the rest of my family was in Florida.  It didn’t take long for introspection to kick in and seeing that our things had been divided between theirs and mine.  Mine were in boxes that I never unpacked and theirs had been sent down to Florida.

Though I don’t know music and have never even dabbled in songwriting, this experience (and a lot of time on my hand) filled my creative mind with the opening line and the rest of this song came out.

I had imagined it as a Springsteen-type of arrangement, a friend of mine at the time saw it in more of a Johnny Cash mode.  Neither was certainly not in the vein of what is usually my first choice genre.


The Flood

Sometimes I wake in the dark of ...

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