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Just Another Song….

This is another set of lyrics that i wrote during my time up in New York.  Again, rather melancholy but still a couple of nice “turn of  phrases” hidden in a lot of clunky writing.


Redemption’s out of Reach

My woman I’ve made mistakes
Created fears and heartaches
Made promises I didn’t keep
Came to faith I couldn’t keep leap
But when you asked me for my soul
Deep inside I turned cold
And I shielded my brimming eyes
Behind dark shadows and white lies
And now

I feel like there’s something missing
But I just don’t listen
My mistakes try to teach
But redemption’s just out of reach

My life it has gone wrong
Under a dark cloud for so long
And everywhere I turn
I see bridges I have burned
I should have tried to believe
Made out love my only creed
And cherished every...

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