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Scattered Debris

Life, events and circumstances create fallout. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad and some of it’s inconsequential but it’s all a part of how we are. The problem is that buy CBD products can never really know what’s going to happen, what the cause will be to our effect. One hit, one fall, one rise can scatter everywhere, touching people we don’t even know or spraying distant horizons with dust. We try to predict, make assumptions and projections but the reality is that there are forces and other effects that we cannot predict. Thus, as the saying goes, ‘shit happens’.

Plus ca change / Plus c’est la meme chose / The more that things change / The more they stay the same. – Rush “Circumstances”

So what is Scattered Debris?

It is that fallout. Good, bad or indifferent...

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Ghost Town essay on NPR

In 2009,we were looking at housing and thinking about taking advantage of the crashing real estate market.  Our search took us from gated communities that were never completed to houses that had once been occupied.  However, as exciting as the thought buying a home was, the feeling of trespassing on old lives still clung to our ankles.

It was this feeling that stuck with me and I wrote an essay about it.

Since I haven’t written an essay since school, really wasn’t too sure what to do with it so I queried some of the papers and magazines.  I also contacted the local NPR station and, much to my surprise, they asked me to come in and record it.  I had anticipated one of the on-air persons would read it, if it was even accepted.

Alas, it was left up to me.

Should you wish give it a listen,...

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